How To Deal With a Break Up

Break ups can be uncomfortable and could affect us immensely. The duration does not matter. They always leave us brokenhearted and lost. Most people end up not eating, sleeping and they isolate themselves from the rest of the world. However, life does not stop. You have to pick yourself up and move on no matter how difficult it might seem.

Below are a few helpful tips:

1. Cut off all contact- This means no more seeing each other, no phone calls,emails or even text messages. You should also try to avoid seeing his or her family members. Keeping your space will give you time to heal. If you maintain communication it would be very difficult to do so and you might end feeling worse than you already do.

2. Hang out and talk to your friends- This is not the time to shut everyone else from your world. Be around people who love you. Friends and family members will make you feel good about yourself. You could also talk to them about how you feel and this should help you get back on you feet.

3. Think it through but not obsessively- You should try and analyze the whole situation. Ask yourself what role you played in the relationship and in the breakup.Consider the reasons for your break up. Do not dwell on the mistakes for too long but rather think about the lessons you have learned. This should help you avoid such missteps in the future.

4. Write all your feelings down- Write him or her numerous letters that you are never going to send. Be absolutely honest with yourself and do not edit anything.This will help you pour out all the emotions because suppressing such emotions will ultimately prevent you from moving on. This therefore is important in the healing process.

5. Put away any memory triggers- These could be something, a smell ,music or even a place. They only remind you of the peak of your love life. Remember out of sight, out of mind and if you keep triggering your memory with things that remind you of your ex then you probably might never move on.

6. Start seeing other people but not rebounding- Eventually you will have to start meeting other people. Do it in an honest way. Enjoy their company and get to know them better. However, avoid getting into a relationship just because you feel the need to feel up a void. It will not be fair to the both of you. Do not also try to forget your ex by getting into sex as this will only make you feel emptier and more miserable.

7. When you find another relationship, avoid comparing it with your previous one- You should know that people are different. Searching for an exact match as your ex will only make you frustrated. It prevents you from seeing the good in this other person. Do also project the mistakes of your ex into your future partner. Just because they treated you badly does not mean everyone will treat you badly. Give yourself a chance to be happy with someone else.

8. Involve yourself with other activities- Start up new hobbies. You could start a dancing class or even do some home repairs. You could concentrate in your school project. Just make sure you are never idle. Idleness contributes to you thinking about the past so much and it could lead to depression.

However, the simplest and probably the most useful advice is that you give it time. You will not start feeling good about yourself overnight and it probably might take months. Just follow the above tips and be patient. If you can do that, i can assure you it will get better. We also recommend reading his secret obsession reviews for a program that can help in this regard.

Herbal Supplements for Weight Loss

The success or failure of your weight loss efforts will depend primarily on your nutrition and exercise regimen. That being said, there are a handful of natural, non-stimulant supplements that support healthy weight loss. Think of supplements as vitamins. Vitamins are meant to enhance your diet, not replace nutritious foods. Likewise, weight loss supplements will enhance your efforts, but they will not replace diet and exercise. Here are six natural herbal supplements that, when used in conjunction with an effective program, such as the Venus Factor system, will help speed up your results.

Fish Oil

Fish oil extracted from cold-water fish such as salmon and krill is loaded with omega-3 fatty acids. These are heart-healthy fats that help the body burn fat as fuel instead of storing it. Fish oil also increases insulin sensitivity, reduces dietary cravings and improves mood. An Australian study found that fish oil and daily exercise resulted in more effective weight loss via a synergistic effect on fat mobilization.

Green Tea Extract

Green tea is rich in catechins, which contain powerful antioxidants associated with an increase in metabolic rate and the stimulation of fat burning enzymes. Several randomized, placebo-controlled studies have found that supplementing with green tea extract leads to more substantial weight loss than dieting and exercise alone.


Hunger pangs and cravings occur when blood glucose levels drop, as the brain requires glucose for fuel. L-glutamine is an amino acid that provides the brain with glucose and prevents these cravings. Evidence also suggests that it may prevent glucose from being converted into fat and stored in the body.


Guggul has been used for centuries as an Ayurvedic remedy to improve thyroid function. Thyroid hormones regulate metabolism, so healthy thyroid hormone levels promote fat burning and prevent fat storage. Clinical studies show that supplementing with guggul significantly increases fat loss as compared to diet and exercise alone. In one landmark study, the experimental group using guggul lost an average of six pounds in six weeks, while the placebo group only lost one pound.
Gymnema Sylvestre

Gymnema Sylvestre is a unique plant substance that reduces the ability of the taste buds to respond to sweet foods. Gymnema molecules act similarly to sugars on the taste buds. This sends a message to the brain that you have already consumed an adequate amount of sugar, stopping sweet cravings dead in their tracks. If your sweet tooth is hampering your diet, this is a great supplement get it under control.

Reishi Mushrooms

Reishi mushrooms are used liberally in Traditional Chinese Medicine for their ability to increase energy levels and strengthen immune function. When dieters restrict calories for several weeks at a time, decreased energy levels and weakened immunity often result. This is referred to as ‘diet fatigue”, and it is one of the more difficult aspects of losing weight. Hunger increases, mood is depressed and the energy to perform strenuous workouts is lacking. Colds and sinus infections are also more likely to occur. Supplementing with reishi mushrooms counteracts these effects, making it easier to stick to aggressive exercise and nutrition protocols and effectively burn off body fat.

Combined with a not too physical exercise, these supplements will do wonders.

Top 4 Healthy Foods You Should be Consuming

Food is an essential part of everyday life because it provides the energy we need to go by our daily routines without the body shutting down. As far as healthy foods goes, there are plenty of them out them with some promoting a healthy life and weight loss however, the key is to have a balanced diet. Below are 4 healthy foods you should be eating every day.

1. Kale

First on the list in Kale and this is one of the most underrated greens out there and contain plenty of nutrients. There is a high content of vitamin K and vitamin C which doctors recommend needs to be taken every day. Kale can steamed or cooked the same way as cabbage, asparagus and spinach. You can also put it in a blender and make a healthy smoothie out of it.

2. Wheat Germ

Many people are not aware of just good wheat germ is for their bodies. It is rich in very important nutrients like Zinc, vitamin E, thiamine, Magnesium, Folic acid and Phosphorus. Anyone looking for some good fiber into their system need to turn to Wheat Germ and it also contains some fatty acids.

3. Lentils

Lentils are commonly used in dishes found in countries like Sri Lanka, India, Nepal, Pakistan and Bhutan. Although this food does take a very long to cook, the seeds however can easily be sprouted and they taste wonderful. Next time you are thinking of a healthy snack, consider adding lentils to your picnic basket or lunch box. You will not regret the decision.

4. Brazil nuts

If you are looking for the healthiest nuts in the world, Brazil nuts are the best nuts you will ever have in your life. Brazil nuts are a good source of Zinc, Magnesium, vitamin E and vitamin B-1. Apart from having the nutrients mentioned above, there is also one secret ingredient found in this food which is a very high amount of selenium. For those who do not know much about selenium, it is a very important mineral which helps maintain thyroid function. For an excellent, healthy and nutritious meal, make these nuts an option if you are into healthy eating.

Eating the healthy foods mentioned above can do wonders for the body in making sure you are healthy however, one does not have to focus on only one type of food. You need to have a balanced diet. There is nothing wrong with having a treat here and there just as long as it forms part of your everyday health diet.